CIO Insight – What CIOs Must Do to Retain Skilled IT Employees

This problem seems to be universal. How are you dealing with retention?

The majority of CIOs surveyed said they are concerned about retaining current IT staff over the next 12 months, according to a recent survey from Robert Half Technology. Many of these executives said their operations would be adversely impacted if a valued team member left without notice. To avoid this, and to strengthen staff engagement and retention, CIOs are regularly checking in with employees to make sure they’re satisfied with their job. They’re also getting proactive about career guidance and development, while regularly benchmarking salary and benefits to ensure they’re staying competitive. (Despite such efforts, however, relatively few CIOs have come up with a formal retention strategy.) Of course, regardless of how hard CIOs try to keep IT staffers, some of them will leave. So technology leaders often turn to project and contractual workers to fill in the gaps—possibly finding promising new talent for more permanent hiring arrangements

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