CIO Insight – How Data Growth Complicates Compliance

Focusing on a compliance approach that incorporates communications, collaboration, file sharing and storage can help to meet compliance regulations.

Regulatory compliance and eDiscovery now rate among the highest essential IT and business priorities for any organization, regardless of size or industry. What’s more, the complexity of managing this task is growing—and it’s heaping greater pressure on IT departments.

A new report from Archive 360 and Osterman Research, Best Practices for eDiscovery and Regulatory Compliance in Office 365, offers insight into this space—along with the growing use of Office 365 to manage the task.

According to the report, data growth is at the heart of the challenge. It’s surging at an annual rate of about 18 percent and there’s no end in sight. Further complicating things, much of this data is unstructured. In some cases, this “dark data” streaming in from e-mail, social media, wikis, blogs and SMS/text messages becomes invisible and, as a result, inaccessible.

In many cases, backup sets create problems for the eDiscovery process, particularly when they are stored on tape or on disk; eDiscovery is overly broad; organizations often fail to retain Electronically Stored Information (ESI), which can lead to serious sanctions; and organizations often fail to capture appropriate materials during the eDiscovery process.

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