Baseline – IT Skills Gap Burdens Staff and Management

IT skills gaps may be the biggest single problem facing mid-sized IT organizations today. More and better technologies amplify the problem. How does your organization address the skills gap?

Today’s business and IT environments are faced with a formidable array of labor challenges. One of the biggest is coping with ongoing and worsening skill and knowledge shortages. Not only do these gaps create more work for employees—often resulting in stress and burnout—but they also impact operational efficiency and bottom-line results. “Exploring the IT Skills Gap,” a recent survey of more than 300 IT leaders by IT staffing firm TEKsystems, examined the current state of project-based IT staffing and workforce planning.

Among other things, it found that hiring has become far more difficult over the last five years, and finding contingent workers has also become more challenging. As a result, organizations are suffering negative consequences as a result of the current environment. “It’s clear that workforce planning often occurs as an afterthought compared to other areas of planning for IT projects and initiatives,” said Jason Hayman, TEKsystems research manager.

More of the Baseline Magazine slide show from Samuel Greengard

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