Continuity Central – ISACA looks at the advantages and risks of application containerization

Application containerization is gaining traction given its potential to increase efficiencies and data security options, and decrease cost, according to new expert analyses from ISACA; but it also brings its own risks.

A pair of new ISACA white papers offer insights and guidance on containerization. ‘Understanding the Enterprise Advantages of Application Containerization: An Overview,’ provides a summary of the rising popularity of containers; and ‘Understanding the Enterprise Advantages of Application Containerization: Practitioner Considerations,’ offers practical guidance for assurance, governance and security professionals.

ISACA defines an application container as “a mechanism that is used to isolate applications from each other within the context of a running operating system instance.” Containers let data centers / centres deploy business applications more rapidly. Increased business agility, lower costs and more efficient use of resources are among the other factors sparking increased global adoption.

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