Continuity Central – The State of Enterprise Resilience: survey report

Control Risks has published the results of its latest ‘The State of Enterprise Resilience’ survey, which assesses the degree to which the concept of resilience has gained traction and become embedded within organizations.

Over one third of respondents felt that their organizations lacked the relevant skills or talent to drive corporate resilience; this is an increase of 17 percent on 2015. This is in spite of the fact that 27 percent of respondents have actively recruited dedicated resources to support the resilience agenda and 46 percent have invested in training, awareness, and communications.

Other key findings include:

ISO 22316 provides guidance on resilience programmes
62 percent of respondents were either aware of or have read the draft of ISO 22316 – the guide to organizational resilience. 92 percent of respondents agree with the core principles which focus largely on shared purpose and collaboration across functions. However, 18 percent of respondents indicated that they would not be striving to adopt the core principles, preferring instead to stick to existing processes.

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