CIO Insight – Do IT Workers Lie About Certifications?

A surprising minority of CIOs and other IT leaders actually check to see if their staffers’ claims of tech certifications earned are actually true, according to a recent survey from TEKsystems. But they should—because many IT pros admit that they do not always report this information accurately on their resumes. The lack of verification could result in long-term consequences, as the majority of IT leaders take into account tech certifications in making decisions about the hiring, developing and promoting of their staffers. Among the certifications most in need: Those related to cyber-security, programming and development, project management and software engineering. Given that many organizations pay for these educational opportunities, CIOs need to do a better job of making sure that their employees aren’t fibbing when they indicate they’ve earned them. “(Organizations) need to be more diligent in actually verifying certifications in order to avoid getting trapped in a certification shell game,” said Jason Hayman, research manager at TEKsystems. –

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