Baseline – IT Pros Can’t Keep Up With the Onslaught of Alerts

While the vast majority of IT professionals agree that it’s important to monitor the performance of their networks and systems, few of them are “very satisfied” with their approach to this critical issue, according to a recent survey from BigPanda. The accompanying “State of Monitoring 2016” report reveals that technology organizations struggle to quickly remediate service disruptions, and they are overwhelmed by an excess of alert “noise” from monitoring tools. Of those receiving 100 or more alerts a day, only a small minority can investigate and resolve those alerts within a day. What would help is the adoption of defined, strategic monitoring, which often boosts agility and the potential to rapidly identify the root cause of problems. “IT teams are receiving an onslaught of alerts, [but] few are able covert those alerts into insight, and the inability to quickly remediate service disruptions is a pain felt across the board,” according to the report.

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