SearchDataCenter – IT lifecycle management drives smarter refresh decisions

Here’s a nice look at the PC refresh model from a business perspective.

IT teams need to strike a balance between keeping up with the latest technology and being cost-effective. Proper IT lifecycle management techniques can help.

IT is a highly dynamic environment, with new products constantly coming to market. For organizations that want to have the best of everything, they must chase the market and accept the high cost of continuously replacing or updating their IT systems. Having the most up-to-date platform all the time doesn’t always work from a cost-benefit standpoint.

The majority of organizations follow one of two IT lifecycle management models for equipment refreshes. In the first model, organizations view equipment as having a nominal lifespan, and then replace it. If the piece of equipment fails during its lifespan, they either replace it with a similar specification to avoid retro-testing existing workloads against a new infrastructure or with a newer, more powerful and energy-efficient system.

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