The Register – SMBs? Are you big enough to have a serious backup strategy?

One of the TLAs* we come across all the time in IT is CIA. It’s not, in this context, a shady American intelligence force: as far as we’re concerned it stands for Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability – the three strands you need to consider as part of your security and data management policies and processes.

Most organisations tend to focus on confidentiality. And that’s understandable because a guaranteed way for your company to become super-famous is for confidential data to be made publicly available and for the Press to find out – just ask TalkTalk. On the other hand, site outages will often make the news (particularly if you’re a prominent company like DropBox or Microsoft) but they’re generally forgotten the moment that the owner puts out a convincing statement saying that their data centre fell into a sinkhole or they were the subject of a type of DDoS attack never previously seen – as long as that statement says: “… and there was never any risk of private data being exposed”.

Internally, though, you care about the integrity and availability of your data. By definition, the data you process needs to be available and correct – otherwise you wouldn’t need it to do your company’s work. And guaranteeing this is a pain in the butt – for companies of all sizes.

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