Data Center Knowledge – How to Avoid the Outage War Room

Most IT pros have experienced it. The dreaded war room meeting that immediately starts after an outage to a critical application or service, but how do you avoid it? The only reliable way is to avoid the outage in the first place.

First, you need to build in redundancy. Most enterprises have already done much of this work. Building redundancy and disaster recovery into systems has been a best practice for decades. Avoiding single points of failure (SPOF) is simply mandatory in mission critical, performance sensitive, highly distributed and dynamic environments.

Next, you need to assess spikes in load. Most organizations have put in place methods to “burst” capacity. This most often takes the form of a hybrid cloud where the base system runs on premise, and the extra capacity is rented as needed. It can also take the form of hosting the entire application on public cloud like Amazon, Google or Microsoft, but that carries many downsides including the need to re-architect the applications to be stateless so they can run on an inherently unreliable infrastructure.

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