CIO Insight – Do You Know Where Your Critical Data Lives?

Engage with others to assess needs from differing perspectives: business operations, customers, regulators/auditors and shareholders. Keep this list updated because it evolves.

In an era of continuous business operations, being offline has become unacceptable. Yet this drive for high availability, although exciting, also poses serious risks to the security of your data. Your data may be among the most important assets to your business. Any form of downtime can be detrimental to the livelihood of your business because it affects reputation and revenue, said Derek Brost, director of Engineering at Bluelock. “Don’t wait until a disaster strikes to take action,” he warned. “If you’re experiencing pressure to improve your current IT program, don’t fret. [These tips] should set you on the right path to a secure business environment, one with optimized recovery.” Bluelock provides Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service for complex environments and sensitive data to help companies mitigate risk with confidence. Confidence begins with a plan that works, Brost said. These tips should help the always-on business to proceed with confidence in the face of an intrusion.

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