VMTurbo – What’s the Promise of Orchestration?

In my conversations over 2015, I have found that one of the top of mind goals for many Directors and CIOs for this year is the goal of fully automating the orchestration of the environment. It is a common pain felt across the IT staff, the lack of agility and automation when it comes to provisioning new workloads for the environment.

Whether the plan is to expand the VMWare suite through vRealize Automation, pursue a third party technology like Chef, Puppet, CloudForms, or move into a full IaaS or PaaS environment through OpenStack or Cloud Foundry, the objective is to speed up the auto-provisioning capabilities of the data center to meet the rapidly growing needs for faster, more responsive applications at a quicker delivery time. However, the benefits of moving to automated orchestration, also create new challenges.

Why Orchestrate?

To answer this question, let me throw out a scenario that many can probably relate to today. An administrator logs into his Outlook first thing Friday morning, and at the top of his inbox is a request for a new VM from a coworker, who plans to begin testing a new application in the next couple of weeks per the CIO’s initiative.

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