Continuity Central – More than half of organizations have had data-related incidents in the past 12 months: AIIM report

51 percent of organizations have had data-related incidents in the past 12 months, including 16 percent suffering a data breach, according to new AIIM research.

The new report, ‘Information Governance – too important for humans’, revealed that 45 percent of respondents feel a lack of information governance leaves their organization wide open to litigation and data protection risks. Furthermore, 41 percent of respondents admit that their email management is ‘chaotic’ and 22 percent are reporting a negative financial impact from cases around electronic records.

“The sheer volume of data in business is a major asset for most organizations,” said Doug Miles, chief analyst, AIIM. “But without effective information governance, that data also carries a potentially huge risk, both in terms of reputation and the bottom line. Lots of organizations are talking about information governance, but far less are actually doing it properly – that has to change in 2016.”

The severity and frequency of data incidents reported in the research has meant that information governance has never had more interest in it. For 28 percent of organizations, information governance is very high on the senior management agenda and more than half (53 percent) have recently launched new information governance initiatives.

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