JaxEnter – Finance IT: The future of microservices, DevOps and the cloud in banking systems

JAXenter: What sort of changes are you witnessing in finance IT right now – and do you see buzzwords like cloud, microservices and DevOps playing a large role in this area in future?

Peter Lawrey: The buzz in fintech is still around performance and efficiency. In particular, IT developers are interested in cool new technologies but are looking to find way to justify their use to their managers. Many would like to migrate from Java 6 or 7 to Java 8 and see this as a big enough challenge.

While I don’t see financial institutions using external clouds like AWS as much as other industries, I believe they should be making more use of private clouds. Deploying services to new systems and even downsizing legacy systems is staggeringly harder than it should be. Clouds would be really helpful. A Bank can run their own cloud and still control the machines in use.

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