– Amazon Web Services and its mammoth-sized inferiority complex

Are scale and price the only concerns of your business?

We’re great! Not just great, really really great! Honestly, let me tell you again how truly great we are!’

If, like me, you were at the Amazon Web Services Enterprise Summit recently, these words might clang a horribly dissonent bell for you.

It’s inevitable that these sorts of events will feature some back-slapping and self-aggrandisment, but this took the biscuit, cake, and most of the rest of the bakery too.

You expect some shiny toothed VP to stand up and go on at great length about why they feel that their products and services are at the top of the tree, and then exhort everyone present to hand over oodles of cash at the earliest opportunity. You expect it because it’s just what tends to happen at these things, but is it at all productive?

I don’t believe these keynote speeches are useful for anyone. Why? Because ‘company says that its products are great’ doesn’t make for particularly interesting listening, and it’s certainly not something many journalists will want to cover.

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