TechCrunch – The Internet Is Held Together With Bubble Gum And Baling Wire

Did you know that, to quote an angry hacker:

The Internet from every angle has always been a house of cards held together with defective duct tape. It’s a miracle that anything works at all. Those who understand a lot of the technology involved generally hate it, but at the same time are astounded that for end users, things seem to usually work rather well.

Today I want to talk about all of the egregious security disasters across the Internet over the last few months, but as Inigo Montoya once said: “No, there is too much. Let me sum up.” Alas, even an incomplete summary is a lengthy litany of catastrophe. Let’s see:

Apple:”Oh dear. “It’s as bad as you could imagine, that’s all I can say.”
Oh, and separately, their OpenSSL implementation is broken.
Linux: “Critical crypto bug leaves Linux, hundreds of apps open to eavesdropping.”(1)
Microsoft Word: “Zero-day vulnerability under active attack.“
Yahoo: “Remote Command Execution Vulnerability.”
Credit cards: Target. Nieman Marcus. California’s DMV. Etcetera

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