ComputerWeekly – IT departments need to address complexity, says ZK Research founder

IT departments are not behind the times when it comes to their technology, but if they carry on as they are, complexity could stop them growing, the founder and principal analyst of ZK Research has said.

Speaking at Cisco Live in Milan today, Zeus Kerravala, a former network engineer, said he was insulted when the media claimed IT had fallen behind in enterprises. He countered that the departments were “smarter than ever”.

However, Kerravala admitted the increased intricacies within the environment were threatening to hold up further progression.

“Over the years, businesses want to move faster, be more agile and respond to competitive pressure faster,” Kerravala said.

“So what IT has done is introduce a whole host of new technologies that allow companies to do that: virtual platforms, cloud platforms, wireless networks, bringing in consumer devices, pushing things to the cloud, bringing them back to on premise, making them hybrid, making them converge etc.”

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