TNW – Here’s how to trick your brain into making habits stick

Every habit you want to build can be broken down into a sequence of steps.

For example, a gym workout can be broken down into the following steps: getting off your butt, changing your clothes, putting a gym bag together, traveling to the gym, doing your workout, showering, and going home.

You know working out is good for you but when it comes time to exercise, your brain doesn’t just see the glory part of the process where you’re pumping iron like you’re training for the next “300“ movie— it sees all the before and after steps too. Because our brains love taking the path of least resistance, these before and after steps are often seen as barriers.

You know you should workout today but your brain is telling you things like,

Don’t forget about the time it takes to drive to the gym, pack your stuff, do your workout, and travel back home. That’s going to take hours. Do you really have time today?

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