Tech Time Tea – How PaaS and DevOps are the next big wave in Enterprise Cloud computing

Cloud computing, a disruptive phenomena has gone mainstream in 2013 and now in 2014, PaaS promises to revolutionize the enterprises globally. Although virtualisation of cloud computing is now ubiquitous, It is the implementation of private PaaS, a competitive and evolving service model along with DevOps internally for enterprise organization that promises to drive the next big wave in cloud computing. Cloud computing itself too has tremendously evolving from just being a software-as-a-service to complex forms that also includes hardware and platform as a service. The three service models namely IaaS, PaaS and SaaS too are now showing signs of integration through 2014 with SaaS as the dominant service model by 2015. For 2014, The spotlight is on PaaS and Enterprises across globe are rapidly adopting PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service), as a delivery model for software application development. However, even within PaaS, enterprises are in need for a faster delivery of software developments therefore a hybrid of private PaaS and DevOps emerges as better option. By working around the respective trade offs of PaaS namely extreme productivity at the expense of control and of DevOps namely high level of control and flexibility at the expense of productivity, Enterprises seek to tap into the benefits of Hybrid cloud computing. Thus by utilising DevOps as foundation for PaaS, Enterprises can have the control of DevOps and productivity of PaaS. This enables to bring more fluidity to automation, continuous delivery and integration. Such a hybrid system allows for significant cost advantage by reducing development cost and increasing margins.

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