VMware – Top 5 Use Cases for Moving to a Hybrid Cloud Solution

For many organizations, the move to a hybrid cloud has become a question of when, not if. Hybrid clouds provide users the unique benefit of on demand access to IT resources for the development of new applications, and as well as the ability to easily manage existing ones all in one place.

The vCloud Hybrid Service, built on proven VMware technology that many organizations are already familiar with in their existing virtual environments, provides a secure, dedicated infrastructure-as-a-service hybrid cloud that makes moving applications to the cloud easy for even new cloud adopters.

Transitioning to hybrid cloud depends on the specific requirements of your workload. However, to help get your organization into the mindset of hybrid cloud, we wanted to share the top 5 uses cases for moving to the hybrid cloud:

Use Case #1: Packaged Applications

A common source of frustration from IT departments is the inability to quickly add capacity on-demand to meet business changes. This challenge can be solved by moving packaged applications, such as email or collaborative software, to the hybrid cloud. The vCloud Hybrid Service supports thousands of applications and dozens of operating systems certified to run on vSphere, so users can run existing applications in the cloud with no changes required! Furthermore, this enables users to transfer applications without the need for re-coding or reconfiguration, and with no loss in the level of security, availability, or performance users are already familiar with in their internal data center.

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