– State of the CIO 2014: The Great Schism

CIO — When CIOs live in the IT house on the hill, they live well.

In our 13th annual State of the CIO survey, 25 percent of the 722 CIOs we surveyed report that the IT group is perceived by colleagues as a true business peer–or even a game-changer–that can create and launch new products and open new markets.

These first-class CIOs identify their top activities as driving business innovation, cultivating partnerships and developing business strategy. They control the majority–65 percent–of spending on IT. They have an excellent relationship with the CEO, reporting to him and sitting on the executive committee. They draw on deep bench strength in the IT group and focus on external activities, such as meeting with customers. And like the CEO and the rest of the C-suite, these CIOs enjoy extra pay when the company reaches sales and profit goals. That’s good stuff.

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