ZDNet – 8 habits of high-performing IT teams

What separates the high performers in IT from the average blokes? They are more open to new ideas and approaches, as well as working closer with customers.

Those are two conclusions coming out of Accenture’s latest research report on the habits and tendencies of high-performing IT teams. The consultancy says it interviewed IT executives in more than 200 global companies across a range of industries.

Here are some of the key areas that Accenture identified as separating “high performers” against average IT teams:

1. High performers invest more in new initiatives, versus maintenance projects. Accenture finds high performers allocate seven percent more of their IT budget to new projects than do other organizations. Although their day-to-day IT operating expenses are expected to stay flat this year, 54% of high performers will spend significantly more on new projects.

2. High performers are further along in their transition to private and public clouds. Regarding current and future initiatives for cloud computing, more advanced IT teams report greater proportions of their infrastructure, application development, and applications will be transitioning to cloud. High performers are transitioning 43% of their infrastructure to cloud, versus 20% of average IT teams. High performers also are moving 27% of application development to cloud, versus 14% of average IT departments.

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