Continuity Central – Key information protection and governance trends

Espion predicts some key information protection, governance and ediscovery trends which will affect organizations over the coming 12 months:

1. Social discovery – a new frontier for the legal profession
The acceleration in the number of cases involving evidence from social media and the Internet (such as Facebook, Twitter, webmail, website data and YouTube videos), will put greater emphasis on the importance of employing best practices to collect, preserve and produce such online datasets.

Internet investigations and in particular social media, represent a new frontier for the legal fraternity. The scope for finding digital evidence such as photographs, status updates, a person’s location at a certain time, as well as content from social media accounts, will be an enormous burden on organizations.

2. Data breaches: anger will turn to action
High profile data breaches continued to make headlines throughout 2013. With each breach came greater awareness and understanding of often complex issues with the management of data becoming not just an IT issue but a business one.

Espion predicts that consumers will be increasingly savvy around personal data privacy issues and will lose patience with organizations that fail to act responsibly. 2014 will see those affected by breaches take even greater action – sharing their experience on social media and increasingly reporting to relevant bodies such as the Information Commissioners Office (UK) or the Data Commissioner (IRE).

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