Data Center Knowledge – Five Steps to Preparing Your Data Center for VDI

Virtualization, at least at the server level, has been in use for some time. Since, the concept has expanded to user, application, network, security, storage, and, of course, desktop virtualization (VDI). This new approach took the market by storm, and many thought it was the direct answer to many of their enterprise’s desktop problems. Initially, there were some challenges – serious challenges. Data centers never really understood the requirements that initial VDI technologies really required. So, during the onset of the VDI push, there were some very flawed VDI deployments.

Now, the maturity is certainly here. Many companies understand the direct fit for VDI. Labs, kiosks, call centers, educational institutions and healthcare are all finding powerful users for VDI. Of course, as with any technological deployment – each organization is unique and will have its own set of business requirements. The requirements can depend on the type of organization, vertical, how the user interacts with his or her desktop, and much more. Still there are five key steps that should always be followed when creating a truly powerful VDI solution.

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