– The Keys to Keeping Mobile Simple

Summary: As mobility moves into the enterprise mainstream, simplicity is key, but it is hard than it appears. Successful enterprises will build on platforms that make life simpler for everyone in the mobile value chain.

As we look forward to 2014, the biggest challenge facing most organizations worldwide in adopting mobile is that, according to various surveys including SAP’s own, fully 70-80 percent of all enterprises are investing tactically in mobile while about 20 percent have taken the step to look at mobile as a strategic investment.

The tactical nature of investment is understandable as the technology provides, market adoption and end user expectations are moving at a much faster pace than a typical IT organization’s resources allow.

That’s where the theme of simplicity begins, because if you interview all the people involved in mobile adoption at the tactical level, you will find that end user adoption skyrockets when mobile apps are easy to find and provision, when developers can innovate and distribute their creations in a simple way, and when the sheer act of supporting end users is made simple, either through automation or self-support.

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