Software-Defined Data Centers Aren’t Enough, Says Forrester

Techworld – Enterprises should aim to create “business-defined data centers”, according to IT analyst house Forrester Research.

In recent years, there has been a big push towards software-defined data centres, which aim to improve overall data centre performance by optimising the application layer and the hypervisor layer.

However, Forrester argues that the business-defined data centre cares about real services as opposed to less important applications.

Speaking at the annual Fujitsu Forum event in Munich today, Rachel Dines, senior analyst at Forrester, said: “Software-defined was a good step but it doesn’t go far enough. We want to think about order to cash, payroll, supply chain management. Actual business processes instead of [applications like] ERP and CRM and HCM and a million other acronyms.”

Dines said this business-defined data centre can be delivered by deploying infrastructure that can serve a wide range of business applications as opposed to deploying specialised infrastructure for niche applications. “When I think about infrastructure and I see organisations getting into these heavy silos of infrastructure that is just one application, that makes me nervous,” she said, adding that businesses should look to deploy 80 percent generic infrastructure and 20 percent specialised.

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