My wife is smarter than I am

No, this is not some attempt at earning brownie points or reconciliation. My wife Teresa is just smarter about certain things than I ever will be. She knows when I’m not communicating well with our children. She knows when I’m unhappy with my work or my training. She can tell if I’m excited about something even if I haven’t spoken a word about it. She knows what to say to me when I can’t seem to listen to anyone. Her logic on business and personal decisions is always sound, but she comes at it using totally different thought process that I frankly still don’t understand, but I value and appreciate.

What’s my point? Despite the fact that I’m a relatively intelligent guy, I don’t have all the answers, and I can’t get them on my own. I’ve learned this the hard way, over and over again. With Teresa on my team, I have a significantly better shot at doing the right thing and making the best decisions I can.

Teresa and I are about as different as you can get when it comes to DISC profiles, Meyers-Briggs assessments, and general style. And I’m convinced that it’s the reason we have stayed together and been successful as a team these 30 years.

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