Selling Technology in the Modern World

Last night I spoke at Techmakers, one of Indy’s local technology networking groups. I spoke on selling technology in the modern world, and here are the ten keys that have contributed to my success:

  1. Be yourself. People can tell.
  2. Be memorable. Which may be at odds with being yourself. Easiest way is to be an expert. Or smile. Or both
  3. No pitching. If you’re telling people how wonderful you or your products are, you’re probably in trouble.
  4. Ask and listen. Ask questions that challenge prospect thinking. Listen for pain.
  5. See your offerings through the client’s eyes. If you can’t see it, they can’t either. No match is okay.
  6. No premature elaboration. Same as no pitching. Detachment is good. Eager is bad. Same as no pitching.
  7. Drip marketing. Use newsletters and updates on new industry happenings when no current need or when you have a relationship
  8. Activity is everything. Must be talking to new leads, existing prospects, deals in process, and clients. Networking is a key activity that can reach into all phases of the sales process.
  9. Understand the power of networking. It’s the new cold calling. Rainmakers, industry groups, community organizations, sports, and ad hoc groups are the way people are doing business today.
  10. Use a system. Without it, you can’t tell if you’re gaining ground or losing it. Sandler covers everything I’ve talked about today. Trustpointe is awesome.

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