– Hands-free phones impair driving

New research shows using hands-free devices while on the road may not be safer than texting or talking in your vehicle after all.

Hands-free phones impair driving You may be aware of the dangers of driving and texting, using mobile apps, or talking with a handset. But did you know that just talking–even on a hands-free device, such as a Bluetooth headset–is too distracting for most drivers?

New research from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety suggests that talking on a phone, whether you’re using a handset or a hands-free device, is just too distracting.

“There is a large body of evidence showing that talking on a phone, whether handheld or hands-free, impairs driving and increases your risk of having a crash,” says Anne McCartt, senior vice president for research at the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, according to the Associated Press.

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