Inc. – Who Are You Talking To?

Is there anyone outside of your company challenging you to grow yourself and your business?

The “Master Mind Group” I am in is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year. This group of business owners and CXOs has been a source of incredible wisdom, insight, painful accountability and great personal growth.

I honestly wonder how anyone goes through the struggle of owning and running a business without one. My strong suggestion is that you don’t.

A Master Mind Group is another name for a peer group that works together to better each member. In business, user groups and associations often provide some of this collaboration. But that said, I have always gotten great benefit from business leaders not in my industry from their diverse experiences and often-complementary thinking.

Choosing a Group: What’s Important

Members are everything. They are more important than format or facilitator. You are looking for a group with which you have enough connection to develop trust, but you want enough diversity to get great value and insight. For me, this includes what I refer to as the three A’s:

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