Inc. – Get a Life Outside Your Start-up: 22 Tips

Work-life balance a little out of whack? We asked busy entrepreneurs to give us their best tricks for coping with the daily grind.

Launching a start-up is demanding and takes huge amounts of time, energy, and attention. Is it possible to have a life outside of work? It’s not easy, say the founders I talked to, but they do have tips to help you launch and maintain some vestige of work-life balance.

1. Start dancing. It’s physical, it’s fun, it’s social, and you can’t check your phone or be working on your laptop while you’re out dancing. Find the coolest place wherever you live, and go out dancing once a week. You’ll feel completely renewed, energized and ready to tackle the world, or at least your start-up. – Vivian Rosenthal, founder and CEO of GoldRun, an augmented reality iOS application.

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