Cloud Computing Journal: Let the Cloudwashing Continue…

“Cloud computing is expected to mature and become a mainstream technology for businesses in Asia-Pacific by 2015,” according to a new forecast from Frost & Sullivan.

Meanwhile, Joe McKendrick writes in Forbes that “‘cloud’ will begin to fade as a differentiating term – because it will just be the way we do things.”

I believe that 2011 will be viewed in retrospect as Year Zero of cloud computing, with 2012 seen as Year One. Yet I also agree with the opinions above, primarily because they relate to my first theme of 2012.

In all, I’ve identified five themes for 2012, the overarching ideas that will frame discussions throughout the year.

I. Let the Cloudwashing Continue
It must be annoying as hell to be heads-down for a few years developing an exquisite multi-tenant, metered, scalable, flexible, distributed cloud service or platform, only to have all the legacy IT guys jump in and say they have seen the light and are now cloud vendors, too. Thus, the cloudwashing fingerpointing begins.

It is surely even more aggravating when said legacy vendors define the cloud however they please, then make the recursive argument that they can define cloud as they want because there’s no precise definition of cloud.

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