CIO Insight – Making the Leap from CIO to CEO

A CIO turned CEO shares lessons learned as he climbed the C-Suite ladder.

These days you hear a handful of stories of CIOs making the jump to CEO. Once a rare occurrence, such a career move has now entered the realm of the possible for some executives. Although it’s certainly not an easy path, if executed correctly, it can be very rewarding. As a former CIO of a large technology company who recently became a CEO, I’d like to share my firsthand experience.

I’m now CEO of Numara Software, a provider of integrated IT management solutions. Before joining Numara, I was general manager of Enterprise Solutions and Cloud Management at CA Technologies, where I was responsible for the creation and development of a portfolio of cloud products and enterprise solutions. And, before that, I led CA’s Security Business Unit and served as the company’s CIO.

Why Make the Jump?

Becoming CEO was not the ultimate goal for me when I began my IT career. I was extremely lucky to have been given the opportunity to serve as CIO at CA Technologies. I learned more from that role than I ever could have imagined. Because every single process and department in the company relies on technology, CA CIOs play a role in all lines of business.

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