The most important apps on my iPhone

Apart from the standard smartphone apps: phone, contacts, text messaging, and email, here are the apps I use every day for business:

Week Cal – This is my killer app. It’s the best calendar add on for the iPhone I’ve seen. They brought the best block week view to the iPhone (iOS5 finally delivered a mediocre block view) along with six other views. You can attach contact info to calendar events. You can build templates, cut and copy events. Brilliant.

Google Search – You know what this does.

Tungle – Tungle lets me view other people’s calendars, and lets me share mine. I use this for checking my family’s schedule and a few key vendor partners. Saves lots of time.

SplashID – This is my password vault, I’ve been on it since the Palm Pilot days.

ToodleDo – Yet another to do list, with some nice online features and interfaces. Nice to see that with iOS5, Apple finally added the to do list functionality that the Palm Pilot had in 1997. I’d love to see ToodleDo’s iPhone client attach contact info to tasks, like Week Cal.

Road Trip – Car mileage and maintenance app. Simple and awesome.

Twitter – My primary communication method with certain people.

MobileRSS – News reader I use to keep up with industry news.

LinkedIn – On-the-fly lookup of people I meet.

WordPress – Lets me post on the go to four blogs I maintain.

Constant Contact – Dashboard for email marketing activity.

RingCentral – yes, I still get a few faxes.

For fun, here are my favorites:

Spotify – all the variety and music you could ever hope for! Artists don’t necessarily like it, listeners do. Premium is worth $10 a month.

HeyTell – this is a great walkie talkie app. My friend Doug Karr and I use it for a variety of fun things. Great way to leave a voice message that makes people smile.

What are your killer apps?

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