InformationWeek: Why Apple’s Siri Will Change Everything

My wife feels like I’ve shacked up with another woman–I’m that in love with Siri. But my wife isn’t too upset, because Apple’s iOS personal digital assistant has given me more time to spend with my family. I’ve been able to get work done during times when I normally could not. And that’s the part that tickles my CIO spider sense, which tells me: Feldman, this is going to change the way that IT delivers service.
I had upgraded to an iPhone 4S mainly because my 3G had run out of steam. I wasn’t too excited by the prospect of Siri. Many of us have used Dragon Dictation and voice dialing. So what, right?

That’s like saying AltaVista was all the Web ever needed with search. That’s how big I think Siri is–Google search big.

Siri, unlike segmented voice recognition, integrates lots of services. In other words, instead of having to mess around with buttons to take a note with Dragon Dictate, and then copy it, then paste it into my notebook, I can just say: “Siri, write a note.” Response: “OK, boss, what do you want it to say?” Then it pops it into my notebook. Done.

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