Dan Lappin: Rapport no more!

Okay, I just said it. You’re just not yet willing to accept it as true. Does this sound like you? Over the past several years, your sales efforts have increased whereas your sales returns haven’t exactly followed the same path. You are working harder for every win and the wins don’t come often or easy.

Here’s the reality – real decision makers (not the ones who put on the temporary mask and tell you that they’re the guy) are no longer interested in building another relationship or the social comforts of rapport. They’re interested in getting it right and surrounding themselves with companies and people who have their back.

I know what you’re thinking… “Dan, people buy from people.” True, but they don’t buy from people for the same reasons they did 10 plus years ago. Rapport is nothing more than a social weeding out tactic (process) that your prospects use to determine if they even want to invest in a conversation or two. It’s the same process we use when we meet people at a party or social event. It’s a matter of – how painful or enjoyable talking to this person will be.

Here are six truths about rapport:

1. It’s business value is overstated. In the recent past, rapport may have worked. The reality is decision makers have more on the line in today’s intensely scrutinized business environment — getting it right is critical, both personally and professionally.

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