Speaking in pictures

Some friends of mine in the music business recently released a Christmas album. They chose many uncommon carols, at least they are uncommon in the churches I have attended. One of the is songs on the album is Once in Royal David’s City, a song written Mrs. C.F. Alexander ( 1818 – 1895 ), according to Carols.org.

Carols.org says:
[Mrs Alexander] makes wonderful use of the English language to paint a picture of the events of the nativity. Mrs. Alexander wrote many poems for children, chiefly on religious subjects and was the wife of the Bishop of Derry. The music to Once in Royal Davids city was composed by H.J. Gauntlett. This carol is believed to have first been published in the early nineteenth century.

The lyrics are so vivid, so cinematic. A song written 200 years ago touches my soul.

You may know people who speak in pictures. They are the story tellers, the people that grab your attention and keep it.

Many sales training systems are again talking about speaking in pictures and telling stories as a way to communicate your message. Whether you’re selling something or not, what are your stories? What has happened to you to cause you to become better? How do you communicate your message?

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