Process Improvements and the 80/20 Principle

This morning, I’m kicking off an engagement with Harry Howe of Howe Leadership. Harry is helping me tidy up the processes of my business life so I can do a better job serving my clients and Lifeline Data Centers, the company that I represent.

My sales team and I market via a website, a blog, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, local networking and in-house telemarketing to generate leads.

We meet with clients to talk about requirements, conduct tours, and sometimes respond to RFPs to convert bona fide opportunities into monthly recurring revenue streams.

We publish newsletters, co-host seminars, and meet periodically to provide ongoing value to our clients.

I have enough irons in the fire that it’s become difficult for me to keep all my work organized. It also has become more difficult to step back and evaluate my processes without a little outside help. So Harry is helping me. I’ll write more about the process as it unfolds.

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